Al Najah Institute for Science & Computer (NISC),is one of the few leading career development professional vocational training Provider within The UAE, specializes in customer driven corporate training solutions and Individual training needs.

The Institute was established in 1999 in ALAIN city to provide High-Quality vocational education Training programs that tailored from certification courses in a wide range of areas such as Information Technology, Business Administration, languages and Technical courses.

Our programs are Available for school students as well as working professionals and corporate organizations; we believe that we would deliver exact skills you need to improve your productivity or professional Career Development.

Our Training methodology focuses on Project Based Learning (PBL) approach that will enhance your practical skills and knowledge learning by live Projects and skills demonstration Techniques that would lead to gain lifelong learning and successful skills.


NISC mission

Every student has his own skills; our mission is to get all students all knowledge and tools he need to explore and upgrade their ability to compete within a global Knowledge economy.

NISC Vision

Al Najah Institute for Science & Computer (NISC) vision is to provide high-Quality Training programs to individuals seeking high skills and Career Development. 


Our Team is dedicated to ensure every student is well served. Our highly skilled professionals are recognized the country over for their innovation, responsiveness and flexibility.

 NISC Objectives

  • To our clients we promise a professional service tailored to suit their requirements providing value and results
  • To our candidates and students, we promise the opportunity to fulfill their career aspirations.
  • To our employees we promise a secure working environment, where effort and achievement are recognized.
  • We promise to work with the goal of being the most recognized Training Institute in the UAE.
  • NISC guarantees to deliver the cost effective training courses.

NISC  delivery methodology 

  • Private 1-on-1 
  • Private On Site 
  • Public Training
  • Boot Camp Training
  • Live Online Training